when people come together


Getting together with real people in real life makes powerful things happen. Challenges become opportunities, ideas take shape, and encounters become lifelong connections.

We create live experiences that bring you the next opportunity

We design, curate and bring to life community-focused events to inspire positive changes. Our events are designed to foster learning, ideas sharing, and connections.

We aim to bridge the gap between the four sectors of the economy and today’s most pressing challenges. We work with a wide array of stakeholders and industry leaders in mining, manufacturing, construction, finance, aged care, health, education, the public sector and non-profit communities. We identify emerging ideas within and between these sectors and use the medium of events to facilitate opportunities for new connections and ideas to be explored.

For delegates, we aim to enable your personal and career growth through our live experiences. For speakers, we aim to provide the right platform to help change your community. For our partners, our events are a platform to translate your organisational strategy into bold, immersive experiences that accelerate engagement with audiences.

Ultimately, everyone is in the business of people, and meaningful relationships are formed when face-to-face connections occur around the things that matter.

Empowering women to leadership

5 years, 5 countries. 1,000+ aspiring female leaders. We’ve empowered them to break the “glass ceiling”.

Mitigating natural disasters,
one peril at a time

7 years, 3 countries, 1,500+ delegates
We’ve rallied the insurance and tech communities to help manage risks and exposure to natures volatility.

Building a worldclass airport city
in Western Sydney

Blueprinting the infrastructure project of tomorrow’s generation.

Helping to create safer living environments

For the last three years, we’ve brought the building and fire safety communities together to help rectify unsafe buildings.

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